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An exciting, no-obligation club where members get Special Offers, Discounted Prices, and other Bonuses, including FREE Birthday washes! We value your business and want to reward your loyalty. The wash club experience will continually evolve giving you benefits to the most affordable vehicle wash experience in all of Chester county. The wash club allows you to enjoy our state of the art Washworld Razor Touchless Automatic. This is the most advanced in bay automatic on the market today and most affordable in all of Chester County. Touchless benefits are fantastic... vehicle owners appreciate the clean without the scratch. Self service bays in our Kennett Square and Toughkenamon locations are also part of the Wash Club experience. Wash Club members have a say in future upgrades at our facilities. Wash Club - A program with clean rewards. There is NO CHARGE to be a member and you can cancel at anytime.

Earn Free Washes

Wash Club Benefits

Birthday Wash: Get a FREE automatic car wash each year on your birthday! Simply swipe your registered credit card to redeem your FREE car wash!

Discount Wash Days: Club Members enjoy Special Discount Days where they receive discounted washes throughout the year!

Every 10th Visit Free: Every 10th swipe with a registered credit card will get a FREE automatic car wash or Free Time in our Self Serve Bays – Your choice – wash how you want! The more you visit, the faster the rewards add up.

Here's How it Works

Instead of selling you another loyalty card to keep in your wallet, we simply register your current credit/ATM cards (only the last 4 digits are needed). Every time you visit our car wash and use one of your registered cards you'll earn rewards and receive special pricing only available to Wash Club members. After signing up, you'll receive a confirmation email that you must reply to in order to activate your account. Once activated, you'll receive your first reward.... a FREE CAR WASH on your next visit.

Kennett Square and Toughkenamon only

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Gift Cards

Gift Cards are the best gift for any occasion. It's the gift that any car owner would love. Contact us today to obtain cards for your family, friends, or co-workers.

Need to check your balance, or add funds to your card? Manage your card online.

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Gift cards can also be obtained at our facilities at anytime day or night directly from our vending machines. We will charge $1.00 for the purchase - however $1.00 credit will be pre-loaded on all cards located in our vendors.

Kennett Square and Toughkenamon only


As a business owner, your fleet of vehicles is a vital part of your daily business. Whether it is sales or service, your vehicles are a reflection on your company. At Regal Car Wash, we designed a fleet wash program that's flexible and easy to manage, while ultimately providing a great wash for your company fleet. Contact us today to get started!

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Kennett Square and Toughkenamon only

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Can I use my Wash Club card for more than one vehicle?

Yes! As long as you use the same credit card as is associated with the account.

Where can I use Wash Club?

The Wash club is available at our locations in both Kennett Square and Toughkennamon.

Can I associate more than one credit card with my Wash Club account?

Yes, you only need to create a single account and can add as many cards as you like. Receive cumulative credit for use of any card you have registered with us.

What are the costs to sign up to the wash club?

There are no costs to sign up to this unique loyalty club washing experience. There is NO CHARGE to be a member and you can cancel at anytime.

How do I change my forms of communication with the Wash Club System?

When signed up wash club will text and email messages to you about our specials and discounts. As a club member you can select within your account to be notified by text, email or both – Login to your account at any time to make these selections.

Is my data secure?

We don't store your credit card information. Only the credit card processor sees your credit card number. Any personal information you provide to us will never be sold or given away.