Partner with Regal Car Wash for your next fundraiser!

Get away from the typical car wash fundraisers that involve a lot of soap, water, and wet volunteers. Regal Car Wash's touchless automatic wash system allows your athletic team, academic group, or other organization access to our automatic car wash, keeping things organized, efficient, and cost-effective.

Prior to your fundraising event, you will meet with our team to discuss the logistics, and decide upon a fund percentage. Spots can fill up fast, so be sure to get in touch today to lock in your upcoming event date.

Clean Green

"Charity car washing is no trivial matter. During a typical event between 2,000 - 7,000 gallons of water are combined when soap, detergents, oil and grease, heavy metals and other pollutants, are washed down the storm drain. Water from these events typically runs into a storm drain that discharges directly into receiving waters."*

Many people do not associate the effects of driveway washing with local water quality, and may be unaware that the pollutants that enter storm drains are not treated at plants before being discharged into local waters. Detergents, even the biodegradable ones, can have a toxic effect on a wide variety of marine life. Professional car washes discharge their water into a separate sanitary sewer, or treat and recycle it; discharge is not emptied into storm drains. Putting anything down a storm drain is the equivalent of dumping it straight into your local lake, river, or stream.

*Natural Resources Defense Council, November 2002.

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